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here. you know, conservatives loved it when romney got put on the ticket. they thought this was a good sign that the romney campaign was finally going to be about something. they've been disappointed so far that ryan has been turned more into romney than the other way around. so he's the obvious person to be sent out there to talk to these guys. but i'm just not sure how soothing he can be in terms of the top of the ticket in this case. >> in terms of the soothing, dana, bob dole was very soothing to mr. romney or he wrote over this weekend an op ed piece that i'm sure was intended to be soothing. i certainly wouldn't have liked it if i was the nominee. but his intent, i'm sure, was to be soothing because he wrote no one aspires to be defeated -- a defeated presidential candidate. but then he went on further and he argued that there is light at the end of the tunnel for dole that was an improbable career, pitching visa, duncan donuts and viagra. and he goes on to say, the greatest of life blessings cannot be counted in electoral votes. so he's telling mr. romney, i assume, don't worry
kennedy thought of george romney when the historian who compiled the collection joins us next. i'm bara ck o bama and i approve i'm bara this message. ck o romney: "it's time to stand up to the cheaters" vo: tough on china? not mitt romney. when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs... it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our workers." how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side? ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> yeah. do you this fellow romney? have you met romney? george romney? >> only casually. >>> 50 years ago, another romney was on the mind of the top democrat in the white house, and the clip you heard president kennedy is trying to gauge the political viability of mitt romney's father george romney. the conversation with douglas mccar thur was picked up by hidden microphones kennedy ordered installed in 196
couple of weeks for mitt romney. the president has opened up leads and a battleground states like ohio, wisconsin, iowa, colorado. you would of thought that the assassination of an american ambassador in libya, attacks on embassies elsewhere in the middle east, would have offered mitt romney a golden opportunity to reframe the debate, but he cannot get their. politico began a piece on friday telling us with the problem is not -- it is not clint eastwood and the empty chair, or media bias, or distorted polls. politico says idt is mitt. >> wow. quite a guy, isn't it? paul ryan. >> royan! >> what a second, romney-ryan, romney-ryan, romney-ryan. >> oh, sweet jesus. >> joe scarborough and mika brzezinski on "morning show." slowly and reluctantly, those who have worked for mitt romney are concluding that he is just not a good political candidate. is that fair, mark? >> it is fair. you want to go back to the numbers. wherever mitt romney goes, his unfavorable number goes up. in florida in, he was at 35% unfavorable personally. now he is at 48% unfavorable. ohio, 34%, now 49%. it is a problem.
buckling types but very careful, and calculating. >> maybe romney is not the great businessman we thought he was. lou: the money says differently, what -- what do you think is going on here in libya? this artifice you know talk to fbi, and fbi agents investigating it in tripoli. >> this is run out of chicago by david and axelrod, they are trying to get through this economylection -- election. >> i think finally mainstream media which was out to lunch on this story has begun to engage in the story, you see it now here, there "l.a. times" "new york times." lou: you chose out to lunch, i would go in the tank. >> in the tank. lou: ed klein thank you other of "the amateur." the box office showing some signs of life, animated comedy "hotehotel transylvania at num one. and "looper," and "end of watc watch." up next, no state bailouts. senator jim demint draws a line after the governor of illinois, they say he was floating the idea, he was desperate, and still is and begging for federal help. that means your money and mine to bailout the state of illinois. >> and the united states and mexican gov
and the president has to be held to account at the debates. even though this is a domestic debate wednesday, romney should question him on it. lou: your thoughts? you get the last word. >> i've been in des moines, iowa there, and people there are frustrated about what's going on in washington. they believe the administration's covering this up. they don't want white wash, but want answers. president's phenomenontures could tumble if they are not forthcoming and honest about what happened in benghazi. i think president obama's fortunes go lower opposed to up in the next days to come. lou: thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: much more on the obama administration's involving narrative, if you will, later, we take that up with the a-team. governor romney is a clear underdog right now, so why won't the liberal media call him just that? an underdog. could it be because voters love an underdog? we'll take a look at histories november surprises. the prints presses running over time. wall street loves it. the economy, apparently, needs it, and with the easy money, we couldn't poly did over the cliff, co
've got to think i thought mitt romney, there were times and people are going to hate me. there were times mitt romney reminded me of bill clinton in the debates just because they that everything at him. all the debates seven people and he would withstand it. >> $10,000 bet that he's not terribly likable as an individual but he kept his cool in ways i admired. >> he would laugh off hahaha. >> i don't like the term entitlement. i think we need to say earned benefits. i don't think any president, i don't think they'll ever want to go down in history as the guy who got rid of social security. finally, mccain, the ace pilot who crashed two planes before he went to war is ready to go to war in the middle east. genius. >> lee writes to the big press show all you dumb as demcrates are going to loose. newt, you should be neutered, four exclamation points. he picked an illegal. >> he can spell democrats without an e. barack obama of course is an illegal immigrant from kenya who owns a time machine which he used to place a birth announcement in hawaii. >> if he did own a time machine, wouldn't the n
change. but i thought climate change was a myth? >> well, depending on which mitt romney you're talking to, he would or would not agree with your last statement. but, you know, to give specifics on lyme disease but not give specifics on exactly what he wants to do about climate change, exactly what he wants to do about the debt and deficits, exactly what -- how he's going to achieve this balanced budget and his tax reform and everything, it does seem a little small to focus on lyme disease. i mean, this takes microtargeting to a whole new level. i mean, who knew? >> anna marie, we read in politico today there's a rift within the romney camp about how much to push foreign policy issues. the story says, and i'm quoting, the truth is that romney now finds himself besieged with conflicting advice. i guess that's not the best way to approach a debate, is it? >> no, but, of course, we know there's a rift within romney. you know, as jonathan sort of pointed out, he has conflicting views of himself within himself so it's not surprising his campaign would sort of reflect that. campaigns sort of
put the progrowth policies in place. >> chris: a number of top republicans say that when romney picked you as his running mate a little over a month ago that they thought that this indicated that you guys were going to run a bold reform agenda campaign and now expressing some frustration that instead of you changing romney you heard this that they feel that romney is changing you and you are running a much more cautious campaign and even your good friend and wisconsin home state governor scott walk has gone on o the radio to complain about this. >> i haven't seen that kind of passion. i know that paul has transferred over to our nominee he and i think a little bit it as little bit of some pushback from some of the folks in the national campaign. >> chris: walker says he doesn't see passion. he doesn't see reform. he doesn't see fire if the belly. >> scott is a good buddy of mine and always been a good backer of mine. come out to me with mitt and myself to ohio, north carolina, virginia, florida. attend our town hall meetings and look at how we are walking people through how we fix medi
romney picked you as his running mate a little over a month ago they thought that this indicated you guys were going to run a bold reform agenda campaign. and, they are now expressing frustration that, instead of you changing romney, you have heard this, they've feel that romney is changing you, and you are running a much more cautious campaign, and, even your own good friend and wisconsin home state governor, scott walker, has gone on the radio to complain about this. >> i feel, the passion that paul has, transfer over to the nominee and i think, a little bit -- a little bit of push back from the folks in the national campaign. >> chris: he says he doesn't see passion, he doesn't see reform, he doesn't see fire in the belly. >> scott is a good buddy of mine and has been a good backer of mine, come out to me with mitt and myself to ohio, to iowa, to north carolina, to virginia, to florida. attend our town hall meetings. we were walking people through how we fix medicare and social security and create jobs and reform the tax code and have an energy policy and education policy and a trade p
mitt romney is a doyle character in history, any thoughts on, you know, what we can learn from those elections, and what we are in right now? >> by the time we got to the critical, single debate between president carter and governor reagan in 1980 the polls were tight, carter was ahead, reagan had been ahead after his convention in july. there was -- i'm not sure how clear a sense there was, there was some sense in the country that the nation was ready to make a change and wanted to make a change and people were apprehensive about this man reagan, the former actor, the one-time governor of california. they weren't too sure about him and his performance in the debate was very reassuring and the polls turned off that and he won going away. four years later reagan was way ahead and he clearly lost the first debate to walter mondale. i was covering mondale. i remember it. there was a sense of momentum about it that occurred and you thought that mondale might get some purchase in the race. i don't think he ever was going to and reagan kind of blew it all away in the second debate with the
. >> congressman, a thought here. mitt romney spent two years making the case against president obama's first term. three days of a national convention and acceptance speech to do so. is this a question of simply restating the arguments he's already made for larger audience, or does he have to take this debate in a new place, in a new direction? >> i think the debate is really the game changer for governor romney. he needs to do very well. i think he will do very well. and it's all in how he communicates his message. i think he will do a better job than he has in the last two years of communicating that message. >> what makes you say that? i'm curious about the -- >> we know he's capable of it. he took it to newt gingrich, the best debater. >> let me finish my point. then you're welcome to -- for two years he's been trying to hone this message at a time when i think as a big surprise to a lot of people the president's doing better on the economy than he probably deserves to be doing. >> even in the polling. >> what makes you think in a high pressure environment, his first presidential debate he's
't fit with their framing. i wanted to play an ad that the rnc ran back in july, that i thought was very effective messaging that the romney campaign should have stuck with. let's take a look at that. >> what did we get? national debt over $15 trillion and climbing. unemployment above 8% for 40 straight months. ongoing economic crisis with no end in sight. he tried. you tried. it's okay to make a change. >> so i think this is very effective messaging to the center that he tried, you tried, it's okay to make a change. it recognizes the fact that a lot of americans really like this president and are proud of the role that they had in electing him in the historical role they played in electing the first african-american president. if he had stuck with that all the way through, you could see how a foreign policy criticism as you laid out, saying we had this opening to make a historic transformation in the world, be he tried, you tried, it's okay to change, you can see how that could have been a theme that could have worked but because they were unable to make a clear decision, now here we ar
a misstatement, this was a thoughtful accounting of a government-dependent society in romney's view. you admit it's done political damage? >> no, i don't acknowledge that, david. what i say is that if you look at the context of his statements all across this campaign that what governor romney stands for is shared sacrifice of the american people, everyone having skin in the game and working together to create opportunities for greatness for our children and grandchildren. and, you know, if we continue to emphasize this, then of course over the course of time if that's all people hear, but that's not all they're going to hear because on wednesday night, mitt romney will be standing on the same stage with the president of the united states. and i am telling you, david, thursday morning, the entire narrative of this race is going to change. >> let me ask you about some nuts and bolts that you say we're going to hear from governor romney. here was a portion of your speech as the keynoter that you gave in tampa. and i'll show it to you. >> we believe it's possible to forge bipartisan compromise and st
. >> poppy also went on and asked meg whitman what she thought of mitt romney's comments caught on video recently, the so-called 47% of americans, ones he said are dependent on government and won't be voting for him. here was her response to that. >> running for office is very tough. you know, you're on all the time, sometimes you're not as articulated as what you should be. what i know about mitt romney is he deeply understands the economy. he knows how to put in place policies that will get america back to work and i have a lot of confidence in his ability to do that. >> meg whitman told poppy she's an optimist and once the election is over, political leaders in washington will do the right thing for the country. >>> and we roll on, hour two, thanks for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. let's begin this hour with debate questions for president obama. courtesy of, where is he? there he is, this guy, david fromme, speechwriter to george w. bush. he is a cnn contributor. david fromme, wonderful to have you on. let me let all our folks know on our website, cnn.com/opinion, you posed these
. that raises the question if you were sitting across not from me but mitt romney you had a mess samming to send mitt what would it be? >> i think they have to get tougher. i think their convention was not good. you thought the democrats did a good job. he was talking about how they picked up something with their convention they are talking about women and unmarried women and the married women. they are working hard the democrats and working hard on specific groups that the class warfare is always a positive thing in terms of getting votes but negative in terms of the country. but i do think mitt is going to have to get a lot tougher. if you look at obama's history people don't like getting tougher. they are afraid to talk like you are supposed to talk. i don't know what it is. john mccain was always gentle and nice when it came to president obama. i thought he was far too nice i didn't understand it. i didn't understand obama as well either. maybe it didn't register the same way. but if you look at what mitt romney is doing, i think he has to get it. he is a terrific guy, a smart guy. he's a wo
, this is a question of capability. mitt romney if i were advising him and his campaign shutters at the thought of that, but if i were advising him i would say you are not on the stage with barack obama, with you don't need more zingers, lloyd bentsen had a zinger and he lost. james stockdale had a zinger and lost. what we need is a vision. communicate to the american people, use this as a platform, it's you and them, one on one and i would act as if barack obama is not there. >> let me bring in chris on that point. let me play, chris, what president obama said just yet in nevada. >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who's going to have the best zingers. i don't know about that. governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay. >> we know both sides are playing this au shuck, i'm just okay. i don't know how i'm going to perform. the president -- >> he's just the president. >> he's been working very hard. he may not be rehearsing zingers but we know, for example, just on the tax loophole question, that paul ryan stumbled and stammered through when on fox news yesterday, there are open
of mitt romney would offend 70%. [laughter] john: you may not explicitly or implicitly asked for sex. john: then how do you get there? [laughter] is it automatically rate? >> these policies are not well thought out. this is what you get to with bureaucracies. john: we will not use the overheard freshman. >> we want gender inclusive? >> does that mean frosh? >> first year. >> it is frequent. public and private have speech codes that violate the constitution like unc or private school would if it was public. john: the school says they study your complaints? >> that is the standard issue like you could balance against your own concern. sometimes used to then they backed down. >> whenever we cord new lawsuits against the red light speech code it is struck down by the court. john: north carolina state state, down the road eric was a residential adviser their meaning you live in the dorm helping with the younger students. >> help them to get moved in, settled in charge of policy enforcement. >> you had to put up a civility code? >> it was on a refrigerator magnet and had to put it on every refr
,000? [applause] $10,000 bet? >> i'm not in the betting business, but -- >> oh, okay. >> and folks thought that made him look out of touch. everybody knows mitt romney's a rich guy, but they can be their own worst enemies. >> absolutely. debates aren't going to be super consequential barring one of two things; a massive gaffe or a total out of the park line. those are the only two things that are going to make the debate worthwhile, especially with these two guys who are both cautious campaigners and like to filibuster their way through answers with lots of word salad they throw out there. mitt romney has to be worried about getting overeager or getting, again, flustered, making an unforced error like that. megyn: it's interesting because the president wants everybody to believe that mitt romney is so smooth and so great, we've seen there he's had gaffes, and the president has had gaffes, and we don't know which version of the candidates will show up on wednesday night, but the last thing i want to ask you about is as we watch together, because we went to those debates together and talked
is not the face of mormonism. my first thought would be, some do you think you are the face of mormonism? i'm sure many people in the church hope not. without being disrespectful, it's not the intent of mitt romney to bring his own faith into this presidential election other than to affirm it's very important to him. i think he evidences that by what he does. when he released tax information 30% of his income away, biggest part to his church, i admire people that back up their beliefs with what they actually do. his particular faith is not the same as mine but i want people who practice what they preach. i would love to see people in office and frankly people who wanted credibility with me to demonstrate that what they stand for on sunday is also what they stand for the rest of the week. one way we find that out is how they invest even their resources. now, if you are going to bring religion and the faith of candidates, particularly mitt romney into this whole presidential debate, fair enough. fair enough senator reid, let's bring everybody's faith and everyone's church and then maybe america will
romney said last week i will lower taxes but it is not what it seems, i will take away a lot did yous and exemptions and people thought, well, maybe you are not all we thought you were, and he got in trouble >>guest: we are competeing. our businesses are competing with businesses around the world. we have to look at what are the canadian taxes? the european taxes? the tacks in -- tax in vietnam in when you shop you do fault say i will only buy that if it is made in america. if we want our economies to succeed they have to compete with vietnam companies. >>neil: but if he is saying that i am going to lower taxes but it may not be what it appears because i will take away breaks which is fine for simplified tax code, et cetera, does he risk alienating a base that did not trust him? that he was serious about the big reagan-like cut in taxes. >>guest: my discussions is he understands we are competing and he knows we have to reduce our taxes. >>neil: who was he reaching out to? >>guest: you have to ask him. >>neil: independent voters? >>guest: he understands we are competing and he understa
based geographically. they're starting to hedge their bets. a lot of people thought they'd start beginning to president obama. i hear they're not doing that, but they are diverting money that was promised to mitt romney and diverting it to these house and senate races where they think they can help republicans keep the house and maybe pick up seats in the senate, maybe take the senate. ashley: so they're losing heart in the campaign. >> reporter: clearly there is a trend out there where they are, and the money is starting to shift. now, this trend is lot of people -- these same people that i'm talking to, i will say these are major fundraisers for mitt romney, and they raise for other people, republicans, and not only that, they are pretty tight inside the campaign. what they're saying is they think this trend could be reversed. what could reverse this trend? a really good debate performance. what could expedite -- and that debate, as you know, comes wednesday. what could expedite this trend? a really lousy debate performance. ashley: no pressure. >> reporter: you're clearly goin
today it wouldn't make a bit of difference. >> stephanie: none of those thoughts -- have a lot of use anyway. okay. wow. charles krauthammer trashing the romney campaign again. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> the romney campaign must have really slighted krauthammer. >> stephanie: his latest column inexplicably small ball against president obama. krauthammer writes romney has taken every opportunity to make broad chases against obama. has chosen to make small critiques rather than presenting alternatives. his willingness to go big is astonishing. romney's smallness is potentially fatal. in fact, it is likely fatal given how far behind he is in the polls. even his counter punching has gone miniature. barack obama is getting larger. >> he must like chris christie then. he's large. >> krauthammer concludes it is not too late to turn the ship around. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: right into the iceberg. you can turn the ship around. but do something bold. >> romney is incapable of going la
haven't been the one created, where's the beef, and -- i >> bobi >> dana: i thought wendy's did that. >> bob: they did but i stole it. if you get someone to deliver it, i'm not sure romney could driver it. if they try that strategy hit it out of the ballpark. >> greg: the zingers is the cake. i love those. >> andrea: he doesn't want to approach podium. remember rick lazio did that. >> bob: two do you think is going to be seen as winner of the debate? >> dana: wait and see. andrea will be in denver. >> bob: that was superfluou superfluous. >> dana: in the morning, republicans say romney did well and democrats say obama did well. >> bob: exception of the kennedy-nixon debate in 1960, a little of the nixon-reagan carter debate in 1980, if debates have not changed the line of election. right now the person ahead at this stage goes on to win every election in 50 years. i don't know -- >> andrea: this one could because it's so close and it's on the economy. we have yet to hear real answers from the president. >> bob: or heard anything from romney. that is the point. romney has to answer qu
of shopping started working in retail. >> yeah. you got that discount and thought hey, i'm saving money here. >> exactly. >> dr. romney, we heard about dr. drew's rehab program. but shopping addiction. this is a real disorder. >> it very much is. because people are bringing themselves to financial ruin. they're hurtinging their relationships. they can't stop themselves. so this can really bring a life down and create years of debt and really big problems in all areas of their lives. >> marsia, you have such a cute personality, and we saw that in the piece. but do you feel like you understand now what is driving this? what takes it beyond just somebody who enjoys shopping? >> i did. working with dr. romney, i kind of identified the root of the problem and knowing where it started which is when i was in middle school and bullied a lot, didn't fit in with the kids, played violin, accelerated classes and different languages and didn't fit in. and i realized all the girls that were accepted and were popular were fashionable. they wore the hottest trends and garnished the attention and acceptance
's over? >> who? >> the jets. holy cow! >> i thought you were going to say mitt romney. with us on set, we have msnbc and "time" senior political editor mark halperin and national affairs editor for "new york" magazine john heilemann. guys. hi, willie. >> hello. >> it's not as bad as being a red sox fan, but if you're a jets fan right now, holy cow! tebow's like, you know, he's getting ready. >> he should have been ready. i don't know why they kept sanchez in the whole game. 103 yards, less than 50% passing, one interception and frankly wasn't close. it was a strange thing to watch. >> it was absolutely brutal. and then, of course, the yankees, man. that playoff race. >> ooh. >> you remember what i said at the beginning of the year? i said the red sox -- we only want to be ahead of the orioles. we all laughed. it's tied! >> and the red sox have a chance to spoil the yankees' season. so that might be a saving grace, at the end of this miserable year, they have three games in new york, they could ruin the yankees' scene. >> john heilemann, as a fellow red sox fan, you and i would take no ple
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